Welcome to under the canopy Cornwall

Based in our home of Cornwall we have an ideal base camp at Rettorick Mill from here we can run many of our courses, clubs and parties in our own private and secluded woodland. 

Here we can teach the initial skills you need before progressing to more extreme and adventurous expeditions and multi day courses

We are also a stones throw away from the coast and a short drive from Bodmin moor and Dartmoor where we run our more advanced courses

We are fully mobile and will work with you from the initial recce , planning and execution of any event that you wish to hold.


Menalhyl Rifles


Youths shooting club.

Join us on our own air rifle range to learn the principles of marksmanship and have a relaxed fun target shoot with static and moving targets.

Safe, Expert tuition with our own club rifles.

The range is available to adult shooters, this is by arrangement and we are happy to advise.

Pioneers Adventure Club


Forest schools big gnarly brother, learning life skills through exploration and interaction with nature, a relaxed, fun and wholly interactive weekly all year round club.

The instructors are ex commandos, parents and are as easily excited as the kids what could go wrong!?

Seasonal Family Jollys


Want to get out with the kids and Camp in a wild environment, cook on  an open  fire in a safe setting?

Our family wild camp is just the job, we'll watch over you and pass on our knowledge if you wish, pointing out the massive range of wildlife on the land while you bond for a day or overnight with the family group.

What we do


Bushcraft and Survival 

Navigation training

School educational visits

School camps

Overnight wild camps

Forest school

Children's Parties, 

Adult Partie's

Rifle Club, 

Climbing, abseiling and rope work

Moorland Expeditions, 

Wild Art, 

Taylor made courses

Cooking on open fire

Coastal survival


Festival workshops

TV and production consultancy



  • Thank-you so much for a brillant weekend at survival school, Charlie absolutely loved it. He's talked about nothing else since, thank you again. Rebecca

  • Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you for a fabulous party yesterday, Quinn absolutely loved it and it was perfect for him ... Nina Dan Quinn and Seth

  • Thanks for being awesome, making us laugh and helping me up the rocks!! we will definately see you again! Farah

  • just a quick message to say thanks for all your effort and energy over the last week, great to meet you and look forward to catching you guys on another project!  Jim 

About us :



Ex Royal marines commandos who served operationally and learnt survival skills in the jungle, desert and arctic , Bear Grylls survival academy instructors, experienced forest school level 3 leaders and arborists all medically qualified and holding enhanced DBS certificates, child safeguarding, HND countryside management, education and teaching awards and a host of other outdoor adventure qualifications with a focus on children and young adults.



As experienced mothers and fathers ourselves, passing on our passion for the outdoors whilst keeping a strong, stable and environmental approach to the next generation is what drives us forward, we like our kids to have a broad smile on a dirty face, leaves in their hair and smell of wood smoke at the end of fun packed day



Our team of explorers have criss crossed the entire planet numerous times, every continent and every environment by every which way, we love to share our skills and experiences of different cultures and to see the wonder in a learners eyes.


Fire and Ice @ The Great Estate 2019


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This session will entrance and amaze with a wild variety of ways to create the spark needed to survive.

Once roaring we've gotta eat, to eat we gotta find food, some nice, some not so nice...

Come along and  find out about the Ice!


Run and Hide @ The Great Estate 2019


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A quick lesson in the principles of camouflage and concealment, why things are seen, how to move and blend into your surroundings, construct hides and shelter from the elements.....

Then the chase is on, you'll have to manoeuvre through some tricky woodland obstacles, then make best use of your new skills and local terrain to make shelter and hide... 



Commando Combat Club @ The Great Estate 2019


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Whaat!!?? Combat!!!?? Thats right combat! Get the blood moving, throw some rounds down the range, sharpen some spears, fashion some spring traps and hurl our throwing axes!

life is a calculated risk embrace it 


The Ultimate Challenge @ The Great Estate


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Think you're up for the ultimate challenge? 

Run, jump, swing, scramble and battle your way through our ultimate challenge, a mixture of brawn and brains should see you through...

Can you become our ultimate king or queen of the jungle??!!

Adventure Log


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