If you go down to the woods today...

adventure, extreme, outdoor weducatio, kids partys, cornwall, bear grylls, bushcraft, shooting, fun

And meet this lot then you will get a big surprise!!  Totally custom built packages where the sky's the limit,  choose your own activities, mission or leave it to us to suggest and work to make the best day ever, we can climb, shoot, create, cook, run, jump, abseil, sing, laugh, trap, spear and create fire to cook the now infamous Cowboy cake  (rechristened Cowpat cake thanks Kayo!)  at ours or maybe yours!  We love it

Bridge over the River Menalhyl ??!!

obstacles, rivers, adventure, cornwall, under the canopy, birthday, extreme, fun, bear grylls, laugh

problem solving, obstacle crossing, teamwork, water and barrels of laughs...

Charlies angels


go ahead punk... make my day... sisters doing for themselves at our custom range

Real Party testimonials! (not our brother, sister,dad or mate from the beach!) last 3 events..

HB: age 7 : male : abseil, rivers, rifles

Thanks again fo rthe amazing day, you made H's birthday and all the mums messaging best party yet (from the kids!) Hope your boots dry tonight!!

AE: age 9 : female : obstacles, fire, rifles,

Thank you so much for A’s Gnarly Party Steve and the team.

They all had an amazing time!


CC : age 9 : male : rifles, knives, ropes

Thank you so much to you and your amazing team for making C's Birthday so incredible.  

The boys haven't stopped talking about it, everyone had the most awesome time.  

School this morning was hilarious as most of them hadn't managed to get the camouflage paint off!

I  know that you all spent a lot of time planning it and it was a lot of really hard work but I wanted you to know how much we appreciated it :D