Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more!

After the carnage, chaos, laughter, smoke and general mayhem of last year's survival club they've invited us back!  it's nearly time to do it all over again!  Only this time we're going bigger..


Step 1

Tickets : You must have a festival ticket to gain entry to  Under the Canopy's Combat & Survival school

The quicker you buy them the cheaper it is

Step 2

Book your space on our merry go round of madness.

We run, shoot, throw, scramble, laugh and go wild in our own private woodland within the festival site.

Step 3

go buy a Beer or 3, listen to a band, dance, eat and be merry whilst your kids are safe in our care and having the time of their lives, learning new skills and forging new friendships.

the nitty gritty

Sessions are designed and ran for all abilities, mini ninjas to nervous newbies, those that happily climb and build, scramble and crawl alongside the ones that are more used to virtual outdoors, low pupil to instructor ratio means we can encourage and tailor the session to achieve personal triumphs giving extra support to those that need it and push the limits of those that are super comfortable.

minimum age is 6 years old for daytime sessions and 8 years old for night time.

All our staff are EDBS certified, safe guard and first aid trained and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching in the outdoors

consent forms and a kit ist is available online to fill in to save time at the site