The Great Estate 2019

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Under the Canopy @ The Great Estate!

We are delighted to have been invited to invade the Great Estate Woodland for the weekend where we ran some epic workshops that were brilliantly and enthusiastically welcomed!

The organisers are sooo pleased with us that they have invited us back for more already!!  

If you don't know already then you can buy tickets for next year this year and that makes next year cheaper than this year if you didn't buy this year's last year...

A Massive thanks to all the kids who came along, a massive thanks to all the adults (and that's a title dubiously  claimed by some of you!!)  who trusted us, paid us and helped us all have a wonderful time, whilst you then went and had a wonderful time yourselves!

Thanks Great Estate see you in 2020

The ultimate challenge

And to the winners circle...

Fire and Ice,  Run and Hide,  The Commando Combat Club  they were all epic sessions that led right upto the grand finale.. The Ultimate Challenge!

They jumped, ran, scrambled, shot, slid and set fire to things along the way, the effort was incredible, fears were overcome, timings were tight but there could be only one winner....

drum roll....

Rory step forward and collect your trophy!!! 

(and come back completely free of charge next year to defend your honour!!)