Learn the skills to create your own adventures

Disconnect and Reconnect


We all get caught up in the race... screen time, schedules, deadlines, school runs, charging your phone, i:pad, i:pod, how about recharging your soul....

Cloud watching not Crowd watching

Appreciate Everything Again


When your hungry everything tastes good.

When your tired the forest floor is soft

When your thirsty the water is sweet.

When you get home the luxuries we take for granted become luxuries once again..

Challenge yourself


When was the last time you left your comfort zone?

We mean really left it?

Face your fears, overcome them and feel alive again!

Get Together


Same Old Same Old : 

same bar, same spa, same gym ... dinner round ours?

get together, get moving, get living, get closer

tell us what you want we'll make it happen, if you don't really know, suggest, we'll make a plan together

'Scuse me while i kiss the sky!


Navigate your way to this point, we'll help, actually physically walk up the tor, then back down, then sleep in the outdoors, warm, sit around the fire, listen to the wind, the river, talk, don't talk, do whatever you like, feel free, we'll be with you, keeping you safe..

Just Be


Were a mixed bag, your a mixed bag, keep an eye out for the courses we run, join one, try it, want your own adventure? call us, we'll make it, team building? works do? want something a bit out of the norm?  Were here.